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Artist Introduction & Profile

My name is Michael Shepherd,

welcome to my website. 

Here you will find all the avenue's of my journey in art.

I have lived in the Western NC area since 1990.

In the past I have enjoyed expressing myself through music but have shifted gears to more of a visual form.

I enjoy everything from simple pencil and pen drawings to using paints on canvas and wood panels. I have also made miniatures and sculptures in wood and metal.

I also collect many different types of art which led to my love for custom framing pieces to fit the artwork. Please take some time to look through my different pages and if you enjoy any of the art please comment, I enjoy hearing the feedback.

If you love any of the pieces and want to have it in your collection,

purchase the original , or inquire about prints.

Thank you all for visiting my art studio, I truly appreciate you all.

Please support your local artists by following them on social media, liking and commenting on pieces you enjoy, and buying the art. The validation of selling a piece can mean the world to the creator and be the encouragement they need to help them follow their dreams.

Much love to you all.

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